HH Persian Rose--Has anyone seen this colour IRL?

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  1. I have preordered an HH Lady satchel in Persian Rose...I am hoping for red. I definitely don't want pink! Has anyone seen it ? Thanks!
  2. What's a lady satchel? The Suki Ladybag? I haven't seen the persian rose IRL, but the Suki definitely looks gorgeous in it. Can't wait to see pics!
  3. Duh, I meant Ladybag!
  4. LOL. I was just worried I missed a heretofore undiscovered fabulous HH "lady satchel!"
  5. Here it is. I haven't seen it IRL but it sure doesn't look pink in the photo. I don't know if I'd call it a pure red though. It's a nice bag.
  6. I love the bag. The colour looks more like a dusty rose to me than red though.
  7. I love the style and feel of the bag but only saw it IRL in a tan shade. I don't have any red toned bags at all. Hopefully this will be reddish but not pink or rusty. We shall see!
  8. cph706, it's not red ... I think of it more as rose-colored. Dusty rose. Not PINK, not RED. Hope you won't be disappointed if you want a red bag, 'cause this ain't it. Given HH's new policy, if you don't think you'll like it, better cancel your pre-order now...
  9. Hey IndiaInk
    Forgive me if I am wrong - but since it is a pre-order (and not final sale or 75% off) - I don't think that returns will be affected by the new policy.
  10. treesrgreen, you're right. My apologies. I was reacting to what was in the "new HH policy" thread and didn't actually go read the damned thing. Now that I have, I see that nothing has really changed.

    I can't quite figure out if a person will be charged a 20% restocking fee if they return something or not. Does returning an item constitute "cancelling an order"?
  11. I was scouting this same bag too! I was hoping that it would be a luxurious, deep red. Does dusty red = burgundy? I'm a little confused...
  12. If you look at my above post, I also mentioned that I thought it was dusty rose.
    Here is a sample of what dusty rose looks like.
    Type in this address and you will see that it is more pink than red.
  13. I saw a Hudson Hobo in Persian Rose at the sample sale last week. While the Hudson is made from a different type of leather than the Suki, the pic posted by bag-mania is a pretty accurate in terms of how the color looks IRL. I am not sure how to describe the color other than to say it is pink with neutral undertones.
  14. Thanks, everyone, based on the feedback, I cancelled the order. (No problem doing this, BTW) I do not want a pinkish bag. Faded red would be nice, but I don't wear anything that would match pink. The bag itself great, saw it IRL in tan, except I don't need a tan bag! Am considering in black, maybe if there is a sale this weekend??????

  15. Or you can wait with me (and a few others here, I think) for the Suki to come out in emerald green for Spring 08!