HH Pastis Frame - thoughts?

  1. I've been eyeing this bag for a while now (it's backordered otherwise I probably would have just ordered by now) and have seen a few pictures of it here. I'm curious if anyone has new or additional thoughts on the bag (size/versatility/quality of leather/worth the price), or new pictures. Thanks!
  2. Did you see this?
  3. I love mine. It is, in a word, FAB! It is more practical than I thought. I bought mine after reading GlamaRuth's description of hers. She's right on target, too. The small pockets on either side of the bag are great. Also, there's a larger pocket hidden under the part of the bag that has a tiny bow on it. There's a magnet that keeps it closed. I use it to hold my PDA. The only thing is the lining is pulling away from the inside part of the 'frame' on mine and I just won't be bothered with returning it. It doesn't affect the functionality of the bag, I'm too lazy to do it, and I don't want to be without my bag. It's the first bag I've ever had where I felt satisfied and don't keep looking around for another purse to purchase. Good luck!

    Here's GlamaRuth's description:
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    Yes, we need a sub-forum because here's a new question I have!
    The Pastis satchel comes in the color "brandy." This doesn't look like a true brown. How would you describe this color? Is it a reddish brown , or more like a burgundy?

    India ink knows me by now - I found my original Pastis post (#497 on the post pics thread) and here it is, color described in the second paragraph (also, not in this post - there are open pockets on either side of the bag that the HH site declined to mention -more pockets, to me, equals even better bag):

    Absolutely goreous, not as big as I had now been expecting! Good size, but not giant - though Citychris, I hope you do exchange it for the smaller satchel as the leather is quite beautiful. It is the smooshier of the HH leathers, but the frame gives it a nice vintage-y tailored look without it actually being a boxy framed bag (and the Pastis satchel looks like it has a bit more shape than the mercer satchel, so you'll get the structure and the smoosh, too).

    I'm not normally one for brown or black accessories (though I have both, I like more color interest), but the Brandy color is a rather special brown. It really is like a fine brandy or dark cognac color, with as much depth as the drink! If it were a hair color, it would be chestnut with dark auburn highlights (which matches my hair, wee-hee!). It doesn't have as much tonal variation as the distressed gaza leathers, just... depth. HH really knows how to achieve saturated color.

    The giant kiss-lock (with asymmetric sized sides, love it) is a nice filip that really put this one over the edge, style -wise. Will it catch everyone's eye like a big logo bag? No, but the people who do notice it will have an eye for detail. The oversize kiss-lock functions like a splash of red in the upper right corner of a dark painting - it catches the eye, draws it in and across to drink in the whole artwork. Yes, I just compared the Pastis to a piece of art.

    Enjoy your bag, Fabae, whatever you choose to get!