HH on sale at BlueFly

  1. Hmm thats really interesting, thanks for posting. Ive never seen HH on bluefly before. Its almost as if they are truly "mainstream" now, KWIM?

    Not the best prices either, but still decent. Im more wowed by the fact that they are even on bluefly!
  2. Yep - I was pretty surprised to see them there myself.
  3. I'm surprised too, I never would have looked on Bluefly for HH bags. I wonder if HH has finally decided to get rid of extra stock this way rather than sell directly at drastically reduced prices.
  4. Bluefly wow!
  5. I'm surprised too. I wonder how/why they acquired the bags? I think maybe some are left over from the sale. I cannot believe that tweed Ana is $195!!! :s
  6. Now if Bluefly would just carry the tassles too! :p
  7. The Bluefly discount code of AFF30 gets you an additional $30 off, new customers only - I just finally got my beloved Inka in chocolate for $232.95! I'd wondered where they all went to! Thanks to the original OP for this thread!
  8. Congrats on getting your chocolate Inka!

    I found a different code for $30 off in the Bluefly thread and got a chocolate Ana. For $165 I figured it was worth trying this style.

    I was surprised to see the luggage Havana on the HH site. I don't think they've had that color available for awhile and I was wondering where it came from. As for the wacky price, I don't think we'll ever figure out HH's pricing.
  9. So it seems that, indeed, HH is moving things out to other retailers - when I decided that I really did want a chocolate Inka to round out my collection, it was nowhere to be found. NOWHERE. Not even showing up on eBay. I was devastated, but I figured it would eventually show up somewhere, or I'd just for SOL.

    What wonders of fate and luck prompted me to check out the Deals and Steals thread this morning ... and there she was, my chocolate Inka on Bluefly. Yes, I have a chocolate Deluxe Havana, but - you know, it's a thing. Just a thing. I'm fresh out of room for Inkas now. AGAIN - I tell myself that I am finally done.

    Thank heavens for Bluefly and tPF!
  10. OOO.. chocolate Inka... HMMM....!!! I was holding out for Olive (didn't get it during the last sale), but Chocolate may do!!!