HH Nomade Hobo - Opinions Needed

  1. I love the look of this bag, but I've never seen a HH in person. I love the ruffle detail. I've just recently (in the last year) became re-interested in handbags. I have two Coach bags, two D&B, and a bunch of no name bags. I think this bag would be great for traveling. I think I like the size? The leather looks so nice. Does anyone have one? How's it look in person? TIA
  2. I haven't seen the Nomade IRL...and i hate to steer anyone away from HH, and you should by all means carry on with your Nomade research...

    BUT if you like ruffles, i have to wonder if you have seen Treesje? There are a bunch on sale at lunaboston.com and you can get an extra 20% off the sale price with code = grechen.


    there are some threads on Treesje here if you search... I love the Paule Marrot limited edition bags from HH, the linings are killer, but when i think ruffles, i think Treesje :smile:
  3. I absolutely love the look of the Nomade, but it's way too big for me. If I could, I'd buy it just to hang on my coat rack and have it be part of my decor. Yes, I'm nuts. I can tell you that if it is with HH's standards, the leather will be TDF. It's a beautiful bag, isn't it?
  4. I saw that one on eBay, but I'm not sure about the color. I really love the color Bittersweet. Do you think the bark is a year round color? The price is great. That's half off! You guys should talk me into it.

    The Treesje's are beautiful.

    LOL about using the bag in your decor. It could serve a dual purpose.
  5. I don't have the hobo, but the Nomade drawstring, and I LOVE it. I have it in bittersweet, and the color and lining are amazing. The ruffles add a nice, different touch. It's pretty large but not too humongous. I don't know how large of a purse you want, but the drawstring is a nice alternative...I can vouch for it!
  6. Another vote for the Nomade drawstring! I have it in "fir" which is a gorgeous smoky green. It's the perfect size. Love the ruffled pockets!
  7. What all do you both fit in your Nomade drawstring? My last purchase was a Coach Med Carly. It's not as big as I would like. I'd like to be able to carry a bottle of water, a book, and my camera on occasion. When we go to the big city (like Seattle or Portland) I end up carrying a small, pink backpack and I want something more sophisticated and cool.
  8. I usually have my wallet, hairbrush, makeup, and a bunch of other junk along with my daughter's milk bottle in mine. What you mentioned should fit. A regular sized book is no problem, a magazine would probably stick out. I always have mine stuffed, and you can just cinch the top to avoid stuff from falling out. I'm not sure how it compares to the Carly, but it really works well for me.
  9. I have the Nomade drawstring in bittersweet and love it too. The leather is quite soft and distressed looking. The ruffles are a fun detail. HH's customer service is very personable and they've been very nice when I've returned things.

  10. I bought it! :yahoo:I hope it's not like luggage big. I'm big, so I think the bigness of the bag will work with my bigness! I will post pics when it arrives. I'm so glad their are others who I can share my good news with. My sister thinks I'm nuts.
  11. Good, I know you will enjoy it!

    I am currently using my Nomade Drawstring in Bittersweet, I love it:heart:..The ruffle really makes it special..maybe next I would get the hobo in Fir..when on sale of course...

    But to be honest, it is not something I would pay $500 for..I got it at nearly 50% recently from their website...
    I use my Tuilleries wallet(also 50% off), my sunglasses, cell phone and a small coach make up case,baby wipes ... and sometimes an extra panty and pants for my 3 yr old as she just completed potty training:yahoo:..thus the smaller bag.

    Just want to say, I am diaper free..boy it is a good feeling so I am channelling her diaper money to find some more HH stuff..:wlae:

    My current wishlist:
    Something in Amethyst, grey and the nomade hobo in Fir..
    It just gets longer and longer doesn't it and the Fall collection hasn't even come out!!!!:sweatdrop:
  12. Congrats on the bag purchase! It's a really lovely bag. Can't wait to see pics!
  13. YAY Cherry! I am jealous but I KNOW I wouldn't have been happy with the size - you'll have to let us know if it's really as "big" as the measurements, or if it 'collapses' nicely -