HH Nico XX too casual for work??

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  1. I work in a pretty conservative environment (engineer at a major corporation) and now I'm wondering whether my brand spanking new HH Nico in Ink is too casual for my job? I am leaning toward yes, but then I think...I work with a bunch of engineers that have zero fashion sense, they don't know the first thing about purses! I really wanted this bag to work during the day (great size to haul my necessities plus lunch and water bottle) as well as into the weekend. I am not one to change out bags with every outfit. What to do??
  2. You answered your own question. :smile: They have "zero fashion sense" and you obviously have what they are lacking. Wow 'em! And seriously - do you care what they think other than "man, she's got a beautiful bag!"
  3. I work in a federal courthouse this summer and when I wear my tan suits, I bring my HH Nomade hobo. I think the Nico is more conservative than the Nomade, so as far as I'm concerned, rock it!
  4. go for it, girl!
  5. i hear you... i work with alot of people for whom appearance is not on the radar at all (different colored socks, muumuus, tapered & cuffed pants on men...i wish i was kidding ;) ) and sometimes i cringe at the attention i think i am getting with what i wear, but you gotta do what makes you happy, and i know a Nico in Ink would make me very, very happy on my walk to work :smile: it's definitely not too 'out there' i don't think - the shape is very simple and there aren't a ton of studs/tassels...

    i say go for it!
  6. It's a classic hobo that rocks. You can definitely wear it to work!
  7. I think you can pretty much use any bag for work. Unless you're meeting with clients and/or in the public eye with your bag, then I don't see how any bag can be too casual for work. You end up putting your bag down - either in your desk drawer, the floor underneath your desk, locked up in a locker, etc (all depending on where you work), so I don't see how a bag you carry to and from work can be too casual.

    Unless you carry your purse around the office/workplace all day long, then you can carry anything you want!
  8. I say do it! It's an awesome bag. The color may be a little out there for a bunch of engineers, but who cares? It's beautiful!
  9. If you love the bag, use it! Maybe you will inspire your coworkers to upgrade their bags/clothing!
  10. Thanks for all the great advice, ladies! I am SO going to rock this Nico bag at my boring office! ;)
  11. Do it!!! To me you can only wear "not work appropriate clothes" not accessories. They already put a ban on what we can/cannot wear, I say go all out with the purse. :yahoo:
  12. Glad to hear it -- I wouldn't worry about it at all. I doubt anyone will even notice (although they may think the color is cool).
  13. Except for the girl who showed up for court in f-me heels and jangly bracelets... every time she reached for a document, it was super loud!
  14. Just wear it!
    I was an engineer before moving to US and become a fulltime supermom (tougher then being an engineer that's for sure) and yeah..most of my colleagues do have a zero fashion sense...but then I was the only female in my dept so...:smile:I just wear whatever I feel like it..after all we are in the development stage thus no need to impress any clients except my boss and other dept we support..
    I was one of the few who uses a handbag to work and not wear snickers, jeans and t-shirt EVERY SINGLE DAY!:p
  15. Okay so an incident today at the office just totally confirmed what you all said...Friday is "casual" day, so I was wearing a black french cuff dress shirt, black fitted bermudas, a patent red leather belt, and killer black patent heels...and this guy has the nerve to say to me, "shorts at the office?" This from a guy wearing tapered leg jeans and a golf shirt! Ick! So the Nico will making the trip on Monday and the heck with them.

    PS - anitalila, I ssssoooo believe you that supermom is way harder than engineering...I can barely take care of my pug puppy. :p