HH Nico on sale at JCMadison, plus 25% off

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  1. Hey ladies, just saw a great deal on JCMadison.com....the HH Nico hobo in chocolate, black, luggage, $385. Plus if you use code LUCKYMAG there is an additional 25% off, making the price about $289. Some other nice HH bags on sale too, but I've seen alot of talk about Nico lately so thought I'd post for ya..good luck, those are great bags and great colors to have. Code ends 31 May
  2. I'm trying to order a HH bag from JCMadison, I keep entering LUCKYMAG but the code is not working, is it not in capitals?
  3. I don't know...try uncapitalized...if not, maybe call them... I saw this code in People magazine..i THINK...it was either People or US... good luck..
  4. Same here. I just tried to use the code on a sale HH item but it didn't recalculate...maybe the code is only for regular priced items?
  5. the sad fine print on the JC Madison website: If you have a promotional code, it is good off of regularly priced, in stock items. Promo codes do not include pre-orders or sale items.
  6. :cursing: The article said off "entire website"...so I take it to mean everything even sale.
    :yucky: that just bites.
  7. I read the luckymag promo the same way in the magazine. I thought it would be for all items.

    Never hurts to call to ask for the discount. You can politely say it's misleading to advertise in the magazine that it's for all items and then have an exclusion fine print on the site....
  8. Yeah, you should totally email them and ask them to honor the discount. It's only fair that they do -- after all the Lucky promo did promise 25% off everything. I don't see why they wouldn't honor it if you pointed it out. It really would be not fair if they promised discounts to get you to their website and then say it doesn't apply once you actually decide to buy something. It would be like pulling a bait and switch! Let us know how it turns out!