HH - Need opinions please! :)

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  1. I just bought a Havana Hobo in Ruby (it should ship out today)...and I'm already looking for my next HH. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two bags listed below. Is the Nico too similar to the Havana? Is Saffron too bright? If any of you have either bag, please let me know how much you love it, or why it didn't work for you.

    Thanks so much!

    Nico in Luggage:
    Pallenberg duffle in Saffron:
  2. The duffle. It is full of energy and looks like the type of bag that would give you strength and confidence and a bit of fun. Good color for spring.

    The nico may have a big happy smile, but looks too draggy.
  3. the saffron is so bright and cheery, if you think you can rock it i say go for it!!!
  4. I'm loving the HH in saffron, pair it with all sorts of blues and light greens, what a great pick me up color! The nico is just kinda....there.
  5. I have the Cannes Tote in Saffron and love the color - the lining is so fun, too. The Saffron is a thick, slightly pebbled leather compared to the softer leather of the saddle color, so it might hold up a bit better if you use it a lot.
  6. I'm loving the duffle!!!
  7. I really love the duffle too but now I am afraid it will be too small. I know it's not a small bag, but I seriously carry so much stuff to work with me in one bag so I don't have to carry two. I just LOVE the yellow...it's soooo pretty!
  8. The Nico is HUGE. Do a search. You have to be pretty tall to carry off the Nico.
  9. Wait until the Havana arrives and see how the size is on you. If you want to go bigger, Nico is ginormous, but lightweight and leather is oh-so soft. If you want to go smaller, go with the Pallenberg.
  10. I have a nico (see my avatar) and I love love love the leather but I think it's very similar to the hobo, I would go with the duffle, plus the yellow colour just looks amazing, I'm actually considering buying that bag as well.