HH Moss

  1. Does anyone own a hayden harnett in the moss leather?
    What is the quality like? Also Ive been trying to locate pics of the
    botkier bombay tote in orchid (real life pics not stock photos) but they seem to not even be selling on ebay -no pics there...

    But when I recieve both of the above I will post pics...it's just that the suspense is killing me :smile:
  2. I don't have a HH in the moss leather, but I do have HH Mercer clutch in Coral and have ordered the Mercer Hobo in Chalk (it should be delivered by tomorrow, yeah). I will say that the leather bag I have is of great quality, the leather is soft and mushy (?) and made very well. I get compliments every time I wear it. Good luck w/ your decisions, as for me I love HH bags and they have great customer service.
  3. I will def post pics of it when I recieve it (b'day gift so I have to wait till Sunday:smile:
  4. Please post pix. I'd love to see it.
  5. Hi there - I'd love to hear more about the coral colour. It looks fabulous online. Is it more of a red/coral? Warm undertone? I've just ordered the Mercer Satchel in coral hoping that this is my red for the fall. Any info would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. The coral color is definately more of a coral than a red, but it's so beautiful. It goes with more than I thought it would. Tell us how you like it when you get it. congrats.
  7. Just got my coral bag and as I mentioned in another thread...I'm nervous. Love the shape. Love the bag...nervous about the colour....here's my little group of bags