HH Mosaique Satchel

  1. My first post - hooray! I was wondering what you all thought of the HH Mosaique Satchel in Grey/Haze. I like it very much, but most people react miserably to it. Does anyone else like it? Or, for those who don't, can you convince me from buying it? :smile::smile:
  2. I just got my black one today, I think it's really cute. I'll try to post pictures soon.

    One thing you might think about is whether you're OK with having a handheld bag, the straps are not long enough to go over the shoulder unless you're really tiny.
  3. Oh really?? One picture shows the model holding it under her arm, but it does look snug. Another one shows it being swung in the air, so it does seem like they're trying to avoid showing it can't be held under your arm. Can you tell me a little more about it yours? In terms of size, the quality of the leather, and the stiffness of the canvas? Thanks very much!
  4. The gray is okay, but I'm not as crazy about the black one. It's not my style, but I think it is an interesting bag and if I saw someone else carrying it I would not react negatively to it.
  5. I LOVE the grey/haze satchel. The soft but not at all pastel color combo just does it for me, it reminds me of a cloudy, contemplative day. If I hadn't just gotten the Pastis Frame in brandy leather, I'd be ordering one with just the ROCK2007 15% off code! As it is, I'm hoping it doesn't get too popular so that eventually it will be available on sale.