HH mosaique hobo!

  1. oooooo that's the one I was talking about! I only like the khaki tho.
  2. ^^I agree. I don't like the olive colored one. Nice bag!
  3. I like it flopped over. I think straight-up it might be so deep that it would be hard to find your stuff. I really like the convertible option!

    I like the linen/leather handheld bags on that page too.
  4. Cool! I didn't even notice that you could fold it over.
  5. I really like it and I'm not usually that big a fan of their designs. :biggrin:
  6. I don't really like. Usually I love HH, I'm not much of a print girl.
  7. ITA, I was just thinking...it's a little busy
  8. Did you ever get the bag kristina? I saw this bag in person and it was what started my addiction with HH. I personally am a big fan of graphics, if they are done right. The design on this bag is so simple and it jumps right out. The black with red and orange is just awesome looking to me. I thought it would be great for toting around a laptop AND other essentials, becasue it actually is big enough. I was extremely disheartened to see that I lost the chance to get it for half price on the recent activeendeavors sale last week. UGH--poured myself a nice glass of wine to deal with that loss...I'm obsessively checking eBay to see if one pops up, i just can't bring myself to pay the full price tag on the HH site. *sigh*