HH Montparnasse weekender or Beatrice satchel in red floral?

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  1. http://haydenharnett.com/index.cgi?action=detail&style=MONTPARNASSERED&view=front&tassel=no&back=http%3A%2F%2Fhaydenharnett.com%2Findex.cgi%3Faction%3Dhandbags%26page1%3DALL


    Which do you guys like better? Why? For what it's worth, I can get the weekender for $300 at anthropologie. The beatrice would be $340 with the discount, but it was cheaper to begin with. Advice? Anyone own either of these?
  2. I prefer the Beatrice - but that's just because I am also considering it too!
    I love the red floral print!
  3. nerd..I prefer the first one cos of the shape..
    btw, love reading ur blog!
  4. Thanks guys! I should've put up a poll...silly me. And so glad you read my blog, minami! I'm flattered :smile:.
  5. I just got the Beatrice yesterday! I love it but it is HUGE. It is seriously more of an overnight or carry-on than it is a purse. I am going to use it for my summer work bag.

    I got the red. The colors are much brighter and prettier than the HH site shows, at least on my monitor. This is a gorgeous bag, the tan leather contrasts so beautifully with the fabric.

    I saw the Montparnasse on the Anthro site as well and pondered this same thing you did. I thought the denim on that one made it look a little less elegant. I do like the Hermes-esque design, though.
  6. I think the weekender is GORGEOUS! I don't know what it is about the other one, maybie the shape i don't know it's just a bit meh, anyways i think you should go for the weekender defo!
  7. I prefer the weekender! More classic shape.
  8. i prefer the beatrice for exactly the same reasons that mrs depont mentioned. also, if it's going to be your first HH, you should get one that really showcases the amazing leather!
  9. The Beatrice is a much prettier design, especially in all leather.
  10. Ooh, tough choice. Since both bags are BIG, I'd probably go for the Beatrice; it's more unique.
  11. Go for beatrice..love the uniqueness...
  12. I have the beatrice-- it's got the SOFTEST, SMOOTHEST leather ever! I love the bag! I agree, it's a big bag, but it looks very nice worn on the shoulder. I vote for the beatrice!
  13. It's about split, huh? ARRGGG!!! Teehee, jk. Thanks for the input, ladies! And mrs depoint, can you post a pic? That would help me a lot, as I don't know what it looks like carried.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]I just got my beatrice today. Not quite sure if I love it. It's really taller that I expected.
  15. ^ Thanks for posting!!! It looks really cute on you. It IS rather tall, though.