HH Mercer Triple-C vs. Sonia Tote

  1. There has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of Hayden-Harnett's Mercer Triple Compartment Satchel - some love it, some think it is too slouchy, that the sides don't stay together well enough, or that it is not deep enough.

    Well, consider the Sonia Tote.

    Active Endeavors has great pics of it - much more detail and better size representation than HH's own site! It looks like, from the detail shots, that the Sonia is a stretched out version of the Mercer Triple-C, with the addition of a strap across the top that will hold the compartments - two open sides and a zip middle, just like the Triple-C - together. Plus, I have heard that the new season leathers for both bags are a little firmer than the Mercer washed leather of seasons past. The pics do look like it - and the Ruby shown on the AE site is stunning.

    For more IRL pics of the Sonia, see below.

    Posted by Chinsumo on p.21 of thread "Hayden Harnett - Post pics here please" (though it looks like the elephant grey color he bought is not at the moment available on the HH site).