HH Mercer Satchels

  1. For you Hayden Harnett Mercer Satchel fans, which color would you choose as the better year-round color, luggage or black?

    Both colors would go with my wardrobe. Also, do you think this is a bag that could be carried in a professional work environment? We're somewhere between suits and business casual. Don't know if there is a name for that.

    I've been reading the threads in TPF about this bag and am seriously considering one....
  2. I really like it in black and think it would show less scratches...It would be great for work or play. I must admit I don't own one though so better get other opinions.
  3. I have this in Chalk, which is an amazingly versatile color (my favorite). I love this bag, I use it constantly. I would go for the luggage color, it's beautiful!!!!! The black is nice too, but I vote for the luggage. You'll be happy with either one, it's such a great bag. I kept reading about how much everyone loved their satchel, so my expectation was high and it's my favorite, most used bag. Let us know what you decide.
  4. Thank you for the replies.

    Shelley - The chalk looks great. Is it easy to keep clean? Do you wear it with everything?

    Shushopn - Thank you. I'm still debating. I wish I could get both colors but I can only get one right now.
  5. I'd actually vote for the black if you want a bag that can go to work. The luggage is beautiful, but definitely a more casual looking bag, IMO.

    The chalk is gorgeous too and does not show dirt or scratches easily.
  6. Pseub - Thanks. The black might be more versatile for me especially to carry into the office.