HH Mercer Satchel - luggage or coral?

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm looking for my new fall bag...casual, squishy...and I've decided on the HH Mercer Satchel - votes please - luggage or coral? Let me know what you like and why! Thanks!
  2. I like the brightness of the coral. Isn't it even on sale on the HH website?
  3. It is on sale and I've put the order in! Took a deep breathe and ordered coral....it arrives Thursday...v. excited.
  4. congrats! Pics when you get it!
  5. Luggage seems like a better color for fall.
  6. OK it's here! I must admit, the colour was brighter than I expected but I think she fits with my first two...what do you think of my little collection?