HH Mercer Clutch...I hate to say it but...

  1. I'm disappointed with the bag I lusted after and finally got.

    The Mercer Clutch in Croc/Kimono print :crybaby:

    I obsessed over ordering this bag for a week, finally broke down and ordered it...paid a whack of cash to UPS for customs fees and I don't love it.

    I'm afraid to say anything to my hubby and not sure what to do from here. If I return it I'll be out all the fees, if I exchange it, I'll have to pay the fees again.

    I'm so sad right now...advice?
  2. what don't you like about it? i have it in currant and i LOVE it!
  3. I have to ask, too, what don't you like about it? I just returned one as well because the color (grey) didn't go with anything in my wardrobe, but I'm trying to get it exchanged for the pewter because I love the style.

    Do you have to pay customs fees with USPS? Can you call HH and have them ship via any other carrier?
  4. I am sorry that you don't like it and have the hassle of returning it, but don't keep a bag you don't love, or have to talk yourself into keeping. Even if you are out the customs/shipping fees. You'll get money back to put towards something else.

    Or, could you sell it on e-bay, perhaps? Do you think you could sell it for enough to recover what you paid plus shipping?
  5. Well, I thought it would be bigger and the leather doesn't seem to be very sturdy if that makes any sense.

    I'm sure I'll end up keeping it but not really sure it is worth as much as I ended up paying :sad: I hope it will grow on me because after all the whining I did to my hubby about this purse, he'd flip if I returned it.

    USPS doesn't charge crazy amounts, that is why I ordered from HH. They however shipped it with UPS so the fees for two purses were $155...almost 40% of the value of the purses.

    I think I'm just bitter about that more than anything.
  6. I'm sorry to hear you don't love it. If you really don't want to return it right now, maybe keep it for awhile to see if it grows on you and sell it in the future.

    Although you could ask, I wouldn't be suprised if HH would not use USPS because they do not offer tracking on packages from US to Canada. When I ship eBay sales from UPS to Canada, I almost always use UPS because it makes me nervous to not know what is happening with a package.
  7. You can return the item through any carrier you want - you just have to get the RMA from Hayden-Harnett. And I think if you gave them a call you might be able to get it exchanged for something you like better... I've read in tPF that others have been able to do so. And if you do, ask HH to ship to you in a less-expensive way!
  8. Wow. $155 for shipping/customs for two bags. Good heavens, no wonder you're upset. I'm really sorry. :sad:
  9. Oh dear - I am so sorry you are dissappointed! Maybe give it a few days to see if it grows on you...

    Also just FYI, I believe since the change in postal rates in May, now there are a couple ways shippers can send packages internationally (incl. Canada) through USPS and have it be traceable and insured. Perhaps you could try specifically requesting no UPS next time? Worth a shot...

    I hope you grow to love this bag since you were so in love before!
  10. It is definitely a smaller bag - not a good everyday choice if you like to carry around a lot of stuff. That being said, I think it holds a good amount for being a 'clutch.' The leather is very soft and I was also worried about that when I got mine - I thought I would have to baby it, etc. I've been pleasantly surprised with how well the leather wears. I take care of my purses, but I certainly don't go out of my way to baby them. The edges of the handles get worn and the leather is susceptible to color transfer (so watch out for dark denim), but I don't think that's abnormal for soft leather bags like this.
  11. I had a Dooney in my closet that was sitting there for over a year. I had gotten it as a gift from a good friend, and I just could not bring myself to wear it because I just did not care for the logo business. Anyway, I pulled it out a few months ago, and started to wear it to the grocery store, and now I have worn it at least 5 or 6 times, and even thought it will go back into my closet for a while, I can say that I wore it. Maybe I'll bring it out again, and maybe I won't. You might do the same. It's okay to do that. At least, I didn't fork out the bucks for it, like you, did, though.....
  12. Yeah, I use mine to go out with, not as an everyday handbag. I love the soft, thick leather on mine.
  13. Thank you for your thoughts! I think I'm going to wait a bit and see if it grows on me.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that. *hugs* I guess its the UPS fee that bothers you than most. My third order came two days ago. The order was worth $97cad and I paid the UPS guy $43cad. Go figure. I paid UPS $190 for the three orders alone. I'm still waiting for one more. Gawd. I wish HH would really do something about Canadian Shipping.

    Do you remember my dilemma about the missing purse
    I posted in the HH forum? Since it wasn't included in the package I emailed Salina and told her how badly I wanted it.. to translate it's already been paid for including duty and UPS so I asked her if she could send it as a gift instead (hint eBay). She then emailed me back saying that that's what she did.

    HH has an outstanding customer service so you shouldn't worry much. Tell them that you want to do an exchange and to send it back as a gift. I'm not too sure though if they get a lot of Canadian customers ordering online. And if there’s only a few you'll be remembered right away. Hope this helps!
  15. USPS global express to canada costs $28 and you DO get a tracking #. Thats how I ship bags to my clients in Canada. Its not as convenient- I have to go to the post office and use their special flat rate box and fill out their forms, and wait in line, but UPS costs more than double and they charge brokerage feees, etc.