HH Mercer clutch for evening/going out bag?

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  1. OK-what do you ladies think of this? Is it just too big for an evening/going out bag?


  2. Hi -- I have the mercer clutch in currant (and actually just ordered that one for my sister). It is smaller than it looks in the HH pics. I believe there are some in the HH labor day sale pics thread and in the HH Big Bang? pics thread. I think searching "mercer clutch" will pull up the threads. In other words, I think it is a perfect size for an evening out!
  3. I love how it looks with the shorter handles. It looks like the perfect size evening bag--fits everything without looking big!
  4. I got one of these but returned it. It was bigger than I expected - much too big to me for a night out & it seemed to hang funny whether using shoulder strap or not if it wasn't stuffed full - which it wasn't going to be at that size so back it went:sad: I night out bag for me needs only be big enough for id/card holder & $$ (or a very small wallet), keys, lipstick, cigs (i know bad) - but this bag was much too big for my needs.

    If you carry more like a lot of cosmetics etc for a night out then maybe would work.
  5. Thanks ladies-I went back to buy it and it is back up to $287.00 now from the $100.92 it was on sale a little while ago. I am just going to wait it out until (hopefully), it goes on sale again.

    I appreciate the advice!
  6. Nishi, clear your cookies and re-enter the site through the sale link. The price hasn't changed.