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  1. Hi all you wonderful HH lovers and experts :smile:
    So I'm still waiting for my big sale purchases to arrive and I'm already on to the next desire. I know that a couple of you have purchased the Pallenberg Clutch. As with all the other pictures on the HH site, it's hard to tell what this clutch would be like IRL. Is there anyone who would care to share details and likes/dislikes? Many thanks :tup:
  2. Thanks India! I had actually read that post and looked at the pictures! In fact- I think that your picture was the first thing that turned me on to this clutch:smile: I'd love to see a picture of you holding it- if you get a chance. As an aside- I'm really loving that HH picture thread (am going to have to add mine to it) b/c it's nice to see the bags IRL. At any rate- can you tell me what the leather is like? It looks like it might be rather stiff. Is it? Thanks so much!
  3. It is a bit stiff - if I carried it enough I'm sure it would loosen up a bit. However, as you know from the other thread, it's my 'going out' bag, so it may not ever loosen up (since I don't go out that often!). My schedule is tight this week so probably won't get a photo out until next Sunday - I am so sorry!!!
  4. Gosh- no, no problem. Thank you so much for promptly replying to my request. I really appreciate it!
  5. I have also of recent fallen in love with the pallenberg clutch thanks to indiaink's pictures and description.I plan to order it as soon as the bag I'm waiting for (Havana hobo in black) from HH arrives.
    I think it's a really cute clutch:yes:.
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  7. I love my pallenberg Clutch. It's my go to clutch. It fit allot surprisingly. I also use it as a mini bag inside some of my larger bags so I can find everything that I need. The leather on mine has "loosened" up and it's stiff anymore because I use it so much.
  8. It's awfully cute, I have to admit. I really like the photos RealMcCoy posted. Simply darling.
  9. LEO recently posted pics of her wearing her Pallenberg clutch out... night out with friends believe...
    Now if only we can find where that one is...
  10. I LOVED my Pallenberg clutch before I lost it on a random night out in Brooklyn :sad:

    I definitely worked as a wallet for me. I didn't have a problem with stiffness, but that could be because I had the leather and fabric one as opposed to a full leather one. (Can't see India's pictures in the other thread so I'm not sure which version she has).

    If I still had mine I'd throw up some pictures, but since I don't, I'm just going to encourage everyone to get one :graucho:
  11. There's one on eBay right now and it's a real cutie. Love it!