HH Lovers Advice Please :)

  1. So I've been eyeing the lorca for a long time now. And, as I'm nearing my decisions of which color to purchase I need some advice. If you could have just one Lorca, what color would it be? I'm leaning towards the black because it is traditional, goes with most of my clothes, and would work best for going out at night and for work. But- am I boring getting black? Should I try something more daring like the Ruby, the Silver, or the Eggplant? I currently own a black Louvre satchel, a couple other black smaller bags, an olive HH Hobo, a chestnut brown bag, and a grey/taupe bag. Is another black bag lame?!
  2. Pictures:

  3. Silver
  4. I think that you can never go wrong with black, but eggplant would be a versatile color to complement your collection. For the most part I don't love HH's Fall 07 leather as much as the leather from previous seasons. Have you considered cobalt? It's included in the HH sale right now for about $200.
  5. Thanks Citychris :smile: I've waffled on whether or not I like the cobalt. Sometimes I think it's a bit too punchy. I loved the old plum color and the old silver (pre-anaconda)= wish I could find one of those. Oh, and the soft gold was pretty cool.
    Thanks for the tip about the leather being different in the new colors. I had no idea. Is it stiffer or what?
  6. Yes, in general the leather used for the Lorca, Mercer Triple Satchel, and Havana has been stiffer on the bags I have seen. It's not as soft and supple.
  7. I like the Ruby!
  8. It looks like black has contrast stitching, which I am not crazy about. I think the ruby or eggplant would be fun. They would look great with most neutral outfits. I got the Lorca in Blush during the Thanksgiving day sale and the leather is extrememly soft - more than my other HH bags.
  9. Do you know- is it just the bold colors or is the black stiffer too?
  10. Okay here's another thing for me to consider: I really like how the tassels look on the lorca, but for the new colors, they didn't make the tassels. I have a black tassel that I purchased for my Louvre Satchel (looked stupid, so I've never used it!)- so that's maybe another reason to get a black one?
    Thanks for your advice and help- I am such an indecisive person :rolleyes:
  11. Ruby is my first choice then eggplant. I have to agree that the contrast stitching on the black is :tdown: IMHO!!
  12. My vote is for the eggplant. I'm sure you will buy more HH bags and the tassel will get put to good use!!
  13. I forgot to add the tassel option when I bought mine and sent them an email immediately after (as in, one minute later) and they said I could not add it to my order at that point! Annoying. Anyway, I was hoping for a blush tassel to pop up during a sale, but I have not seen one yet. I have a couple other tassels and they really look a bit big for the bag when I have tried them. I think I now prefer it without, but it is definitely a personal preference issue. (What is up with contrast stitching? I don't know too many people who are a fan - it always looks cheap to me somehow. It bugs me on shoes, too!)
  14. Thanks Brenn. Hmmm, I was thinking it looked cool with the tassel, but I can see how maybe it would look disproportionate.
  15. Since there are long studded zipper pulls already on the bag, and the tassels are a pretty decent size (in length and thickness), I agree that it might be a little much. My top choice is eggplant, then ruby. I'm not a fan of the silver (makes it look more like an evening bag << less versatility) or of the black (I too am not a fan of the contrast stitching, plus I'm one of those "black bags are boring" types).