HH Louvre Satchel or Havana Hobo?

  1. :love: Here's the thing...I do love the Havana, had three but sold the Luxe version as I really didn't care for the woven flap but anyway...It is a great bag and I figure I "need" an olive bag so...I like totes better than shoulder bags but the havana leather is so yummy...What to do?
    Havana or Louvre in olive? Hurry please...
  2. Go for the louvre. For 112.00 on sale at HH, you can't go wrong.
  3. Hmm, tough decision. I love the Havana - have three; However, I think you should get the Louvre. You already have Havanas and the price is Really great on the Louvre. Also, I think the Louvre is a unique shape and pretty functional with the crossbody strap.

    ETA: I don't see the olive Louvre in stock. Are you looking at the saddle?
  4. I would say Lourve....looks tdf!
  5. ^ I bought the olive Louvre last night. Now I'm thinking about the Havana.
  6. Hi!
    I just bought the Louvre bag today in the saddle color...I can't WAIT to get it...pretty unbelievable deal they are giving on this bag! This will be my first HH bag and defiantely not the last...I've been drooling over them for some time now
  7. Looks like I may have both bags coming, I assumed the first order of the Louvre didn't go thru so I just ordered the Havana. I'll call HH tomorrow and see if the first order was good. If so, I'll have three bags coming and will have to sell one or two.
  8. Toni - you make me laugh!

    What is your current HH collection like? Did you keep all of the nicos?
  9. Good question! I sold five HH bags...

    3C Mercer Satchels in Currant and Poppy Red (too small and shallow)
    Havana in Luggage (too similar to Saddle but it actually was Saddle)
    Havana Luxe in Black (not fond of the Luxe part)
    Nico XX in Poppy Red (bought from eBay as nwt, was used as h***!)

    Still have nine!

    Salina Pouch in Chalk and Amethyst
    Lorca, Saddle
    Mercer Clutch, Luggage
    Hudson Hobo, Vachetta
    Nico XX Hobo, Currant and Ink
    Havana Hobo, Saddle and Blush

    During this sale...Big Mimi in Lead? Louvres Satchel in Olive? wallet in Olive? and most def Havana in Olive. So... I may end up with 12 bags or 10!:p
  10. oooh good selection of styles and colors. It will be good to add some Olive! And the lead mimi would be a good extra bit of snazzle. Shame about the poppy nico - that one was a beauty.

    I have been through a lot of the models - but I end up keeping the weird ones - ana in tweed, margot kiss kiss, dominique (not so weird - but trad. mercer) and the lorca in blush. Also on standby is the boca in rattan from the before christmas sale.
  11. treesrgreen, did you get the Boca at the "unbelievable" price? I've been kicking myself for missing that oppotunity.
  12. I have the hobo in green. It is not my favorite bag. I find it too slouchy and the quality was not good. I got it on sale and after a few months the metal thing that made the flap stick didn't work. If I bend holding the bag my stuff falls out. The inside pocket lining ripped and I never put anything in except my cell phone. Many other people who have bought from their sample sales have had less than perfect bags.
  13. toni,

    I just realized that the answer to your original question, HH Louvre Satchel or Havana Hobo?, is:

  14. Hey babe.....
    so, did you order both?
    IF I were to choose one (mlinky is being a bit pig-ish wanting both.....boy....am I teasing her today...xxoo) I would say the Louvre (olive, of course). I think the shape is awesome and the crossbody feature is such a bonus (but do remember that folks mentioned it was a tight fit). But hey - you gotta get your hands on 'em to make a final choice, yes?
    Saw that you scored a Baca too......great!
  15. I did it! I ordered both! I can NOT keep both so I will have to choose.