HH Louvre Satchel - HELP

  1. I'm desperately seeking the HH Louvre Satchel in Saddle.
    I don't even care what the price is.

    I love, love, love my Louvre - it was a great deal and it's my baby. Unfortunately, my biological baby defaced it with pen. It's a sad sight (her father wasn't watching her closely while I was out!!!) and I'm desperate to find it again. It was perfect for me and my lifestyle - if anyone knows where I can find one I will die praising your name.

    I am literally in tears over this - I know he doesn't value my purse obsession, but really now?! I had one in my cart from the HH site, but my computer f#*$&^#$d up and when I logged back in it was gone. There's one on eBay in olive that I might consider, but the saddle is really more for me.

    If anyone can help me I will be more grateful than you can imagine. Thank you so much.
  2. ^^

    Might still be some on HH's website. Was on sale for 112.00
  3. Looked on HH's website and it looks like their all sold out. Sorry!!
  4. ingenue wow, I've never seen that bag anywhere except HH website but maybe someone else has. I'm pretty sure that some will show up on eBay sooner than later.
  5. Ingenue
    Whilst you are waiting for a saddle to pop up on eBay - you might want to email a copy of your baby's "artwork" to Ben at Hayden Harnett and let him know how desperately you would like to replace it...

    It might be worth a shot...
  6. Hi,
    I may be able to help you...I am waiting for mine to come in the mail-it is the saddle color. I have to wait and see what I think of the bag when I get it. I thought that if I wasn't happy with the color that I would try and sell it on ebay. I've always wanted a great tan bag, and this certainly is it...I will let you know as soon as I decide what to do..should be getting it any day now!!
    I am also drooling over the Hudson bags...AND the Mosaique hobo...AND...oh god this is a serious addiction!!!
  7. Looks like I'm in the same boat as ingenue, except without the whole baby bit. I didn't buy in time either! Let us know if you do post your bag on eBay!
  8. Will do ladies! Us HHoes have to look out for each other!!:yes:
  9. Hey silvergirl and lounytoon
    It is really cool that you are helping each other - but just to let you know that the pf has a really strict no-sales policy (which includes saying that you have something for sale - and - probably - but I have never really seen it for certain - promoting your items that are for sale on ebay).

    Its not like most of us haven't got in trouble for it when we first joined - but you should try to avoid it - because you will get a warning if you offer anything specific.

    Hope that you love your purse when it arrives - and so this is a mute subject...
  10. Oh goodness!! Thank you for letting me know--I just joined this forum so I don't know the 'rules' yet...:rolleyes:
  11. No probs. At least you know that you are a HH Ho! I'm sure that you will have fun here....
  12. Thanks so much to everyone. I really appreciate the love here. :heart:

    If only my partner was as understanding as the tPF ladies! He needs to get in to purses.
  13. So...being new on this forum, I am a little confused--what is the deal with the 'Marketplace'? I tried to access it and I'm not allowed. Anybody know how that works? I wanna see what's for sale too!!
  14. ^^ here is info about it.

    I don't know that much about it (I don't have access) but I think that there is also a bit of a backlog of applications as well.