HH Lorca in Plum or Chocolate?

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  1. need your help ladies im buying the HH Lorca which color should i get plum or chocolate ? anyone own the lorca or have seen both colors irl ? How is HH's service ? tia for the feedback :smile:
  2. Plum is a pretty color but I like chocolate better -- it's a bit more versatile. Overall I have been happy with customer service. As someone else noted in another thread, refunds for returns do not happen all that quickly.
  3. PLUM!!! The color is so rich! I have been wanting the lorca plum reaaaally bad and it will probably be my next purchase!
  4. does anyone have pics of the lorca plum ? the on hh website doesnt show the color well
  5. PLUM!!!! I really really wanted to buy this same color, but decided not to since I already have a gold lorca.
  6. Plum..I have the wallet and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!