HH Lorca: Help me decide the color!

  1. Hi,
    I've bought several HH bags and I love them all!
    Now, I really want lorca, but cannot decide the color.
    I'm going back and forth between eggplant and gray.

    I have these HH bags
    *Plum Ana
    *Current Mercer satchel
    *Olive Havana(just scored yesterday!)
    *Saddle Inka
    *Yam clutch wallet

    Since I have two purplish colors, I'm leaning toward gray, but eggplant color is really pretty.

    Any opinions?
    Thank you!!!
  2. GRAY!!!

    It's gorgeous and unlike anything you have!:yes:
  3. My vote goes to GREY too!

    It'll go with anything - think of it as blue's sophisticated cousin. :smile:
  4. Grey is the it color this fall/winter. Plus it matches so many more other colors. I'm waiting for the Mercer Triple C in elephant grey to go on sale.
  5. I personally love the eggplant best but sounds like the gray may be a tad more functional for you!
  6. I think gray would round out your collection nicely but you can't go wrong with either color.
  7. Grey!!
  8. Good choice in colours, I love them both!

    My heart is always drawn to purple, it's such a pretty bag. Plus you really never ever see purple bags.

    However, I think the grey would be easier to match if you were planning on this being your everyday, go to work, kinda bag. If you have a bunch of bags you switch it up with, go for purple, its amazing.
  9. Thank you all for your responses!!!
    I will go for the grey for now:graucho: as I agree all of you. It's a more versatile color.
    I'll wait for the eggplant to go on sale in winter.(If I can control myself not getting it sooner..)
    They both are such pretty colors and it's sooo hard not to get them both.

    Thank you again for helping me decide the color. I can finally place an order!!!