HH leather cleaner?

  1. What kind of leather cleaner has anyone used on their HH bags and accessories? Somehow there is blue pen on my HH wallet and I never carry a pen in my bag so I dont know how it got there. TIA!
  2. Good question! I would also love to know what leather cleaner anyone uses for HH bags. I have one HH bag.
  3. I doubt it would work on a pen mark, but I successfully cleaned the darkened area where my HH saddle Ana rubbed against my dark wash jeans with Murphy's Oil Soap. Just take a clean sponge, dip it in lukewarm water, squeeze out as much water as possible, pour some MOS on the sponge, work it in small circles, then rinse the sponge, squeeze it out, and take off the excess soap with the clean sponge.
  4. I know that there is a pen remover cleaner out there - I'm not quite sure what it's called though. Ink Nix, or something like that?
    Why don't you contact lovin my bags to see what Barbara has to say? It's the only cleaner I use on all my Kooba lambskin bags and BBag girls swear by her!!! :tup:
  5. Hopefuly that ink mark is semi-recent. usually ink is almost impossible to getout
  6. Thanks for the advice. The ink must be recent, I stare at my wallet everytime I use it and I just notice the spots yesterday. I dont understand how they got there when I never carry pens!
  7. I use Monsac leather cleaner and conditioner, then spray with Wilsons but have never had any luck removing ink from leather.
  8. I don't know about HH bags but I use Wilson leather care products for the vachetta on my LV. They have wipes (similar to baby wipes), a lotion that moisturizes the leather and a spray protectant. Some people on the LV forum also use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Hope this gives you some ideas. Whatever you decide to use, test it on a small area first.
  9. ^ I actually decided to try baby wipes (alcohol free of course), as they worked nicely on LV vachetta for me. I patted the pen spots lightly with the wipe and then blew on the area to dry it quickly. You can't see the pen unless you really really look closely.