HH Inka for $250 on amazon? is this legit?

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  1. should be...it says it sold and shipped from Hayden Harnett;)
  2. Took the plunge and ordered the Inka in chocolate. $260 inc standard shipping. *squees* :yahoo:
  3. I saw those too - HH is making a lot of deals lately - I'd go for it, because it's coming from the same place. Sad to say (for me!) I didn't pay that low a price for any of my Inkas. Drat. I love their work, but there's been a couple of times when I've felt a little mistreated as a potential customer, just because their sales/prices are all over the place!

    Congrats on doing your homework! AND CONGRATS ON MAKING A PURCHASE! You will love your Inka. Remember that when you may find them at a cheaper price later on...:wtf:
  4. Thank you! I am so excited! This is my first grown up bag purchase. :smile:
  5. okay, NOT happy here! i bought the large clip inka hobo and paid full price for it...i love it and think it's a very rich looking bag...i did get a % off the bag at lunaboston.com with a coupon, but not as good as getting the bag for 260!!!! congrats and enjoy!
  6. Very good find, please let us know how you feel about the bag when you get it.