HH Ibiza Convertible - Thoughts?

  1. HH Fans,

    Even after three Labor Day Sale purchases, I'm STILL eyeing something by HH - the Ibiza Flight Tote in blue! I have a long trip out of the country in December (plus other shorter ones for work earlier than that) and thought I could really use something like the Ibiza. :wlae:

    So, some questions:
    1) Anyone have pics of the Ibiza IRL or has real-life experience with it?

    2) Anyone strongly suggest it/is against it?

    3) Do you think it'll go on sale at Thanksgiving?

    3) Any codes for the HH site or Luna Boston?

    Thanks to any HH fan who can help!

  2. Code for Luna Boston: luckybreaks3 (I think 25% off).
    Have not seen IRL, don't know a thing about the purse, but really like the concept. HH makes great stuff!
  3. I have this bag...with the tags still on. I purchased it earlier this year after reading rave reviews about it here. I"m not sure why I have not used it and I have it in the attic.

    I think it's one of those bags you need to see in real life in order to make your own judgement.
  4. I own this bag in olive.
    you can see a pic of it in my thread in my signature, it's on one of the pages in the middle i think
  5. I really like it as well! I was hoping it would show up in the sale. I love the khaki.
  6. Thanks to everyone! I'll post pics of the blue Ibiza if I DO end up getting it!