HH ibiza bag in Khaki


May 17, 2008
Hello, fanatics. I just joined this forum today...I can now happily indulge my obsessions without embarassment.

Does anyone have the HH Ibiza bag, especially in khaki? I am considering purchasing, but I have two questions. First, is the khaki color easy to clean? The description on the HH site suggests it is, but it doesn't say anything about it being waterproof or treated in any way.

Secondly, the line drawing on the "how to wear your Ibiza" screen makes it look as if the bag becomes wider when you fold it in half. Is this just a drawing that incorrectly represents the scale of the bag? Can you adjust the width in any way?

Any other comments on your use/enjoyment/disappointment would be appreciated!


Oct 4, 2006
I had it, but sent it back b/c it was too small and unstructured.
Kind of like a pillowcase with straps.
It doesn't become wider when you fold it, it's not waterproof, but it is water resistant, and I think it's nylon? if I remember correctly, so that would make it washable.