HH Hudson Triple Strap - help choose a color pls

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  1. im getting the HH hudson triple strap satchel but i havent seen the bag irl im confused if i should get the cocoa or the smoke blue ? for those who has seen both colors irl can you pls give your comments and pls help me choose which one should i get :yes: i love both but i can only afford one tia
  2. I know a lot of people here liked the smoke blue. I like the Cocoa!
  3. Kaka, IMO the Smoke Blue would be the more unique and special. It's a special color; I haven't seen it IRL either, but from looking at HH's web site and there's one on e-Bay right now, it's a delicious color. Unfortunately for me, the bag's just too darned big for my taste or I'd buy one of those too.

    I know from personal experience that Hayden-Harnett has a wonderful return policy (you have 15 days) with no questions asked, so if you go with one and don't like it, you can return it...
  4. I like the smoke blue too!
    You can't get that colour anywhere else!
  5. I have the Cocoa and I love it. It's not as huge as I thought but it holds everything I need, easily. I regret not getting the smoke blue though...I'm even dreaming of it all the time.
  6. I have the Smoke Blue and absolutely LOVE it! The color reminds me a little bit of Balenciaga's teal from 2005. It's a little hard to describe, but the color is even more gorgeous IRL than it looks in all the pics online.

    I think the triple strap is the perfect alternative to a Balenciaga bag, and the colors give Balenciaga a run for their money!!
  7. thanks eveyone really appreciate your feedback :heart:

    purseinsanity - can you post modeling pics of your cocoa i'd really love to see how it looks when used :smile:
  8. Hi! Would you happen to have the pictures of these bags?

  9. thanks for the help everyone :smile: can anyone pls post pic of their cocoa i'd really love to see the color... the cocoa on HH website doesnt look nice colorwise
  10. I agree - this bag is almost exactly the same size and shape as the City, but is of course much less pricey. Hopefully HH will add a few funky colors to this style for fall.
  11. If you do decide on Cocoa, it looks like JCMadison still has it on sale for $326 which would be less than the HH website and 25% off discount ($353).

  12. can anyone pls post pic of the COCOA ive already seen clear photos of the color blue on the eBay link above , thanks iluvmybags for the link ;) Is the cocoa a darker shade of brown or lighter, i want a darker shade of brown if im going for the cocoa

    luvtoshop - thanks i will definitely check out :heart:
  13. here are pics of both the cocoa and smoke blue .... i love both colors :heart:

    smoke blue owners - is it hard to match the bag with your clothes, the blue a dull blue ?

    girls help me choose which one should i get im still confused until now :nogood:
    0fe6_3.JPG.jpg 739f_3.JPG.jpg
  14. I like the Cocoa! IMO, I think it would go with more stuff :smile: Let us know what you pick!