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  1. Started "The Great Closet Clear-Out" yesterday. Decided to start with shoes, wore a pair to walk to the post office and came home with huge blisters on top of my big toes. (Ever seen Run, Fat Boy Run?) Needless to say, I'll be skipping the rest of the shoes for now. Clothes next, then handbags (with which I may need your help).

    I really suck at this. Decided the best thing to do is take EVERYTHING out and put things back that are keepers. Anyone have any helpful tips? Wish me luck! :wacko:
  2. I can't offer much advice as I have a huge problem with keeping things I don't use. I'm sure you have heard the saying of If you have not used something in a year toss it.I think that is a good idea to take it all out and start over.I would definitely git rid of the shoes that are uncomfortable. also, I try to limit my bags to only having one of each color. I get sick of things that I have a bunch of the same color. Good luck!
  3. I totally aree with the points Nikki posted! Declutter, it feels good! I had a wall full of brand new shoes in boxes that I had never worn. I sold em all for $5.00 a pair! I lost money but I freed up some space and I stopped buying shoes just b/c they were cute.

    Bags, I sold off all of the ones that I was no longer in love with! I bought a bunch of new ones too but the new ones I do love...

    Clothes, I don't have a lot of.
  4. I did the GREAT closet clear out very recently. It takes bravery but it's a huge relief when it's done. I have a bit of a shopping "problem" so I had allot of stuff to clear out. I bought clear plastic bins for everything I mean everything. I have shoe sized ones for shoes, wallets and little leather goods, Handbag sized ones for handbags, big tubs for winter sweaters. I bought as many as what looked good in my closet. I placed them while empty. Then I slowly placed every thing that I NEEDED in those bins. It really does help to take everything out first.
    I categorized them as. Keep, Toss, Goodwill, Sell (antique shop & ebay)
    The one time I actually watched Oprah I learned something.... When you have the basics in your wardrobe every time you add a trendy piece to your wardrobe you should take a piece out. That has been really helpful.

  5. I recently did the closet clean out too. We had new floors put in so I forced into it, but once I did it, it was a huge relief. It felt good to get rid of a lot of old stuff. I'm not one for resale. I usually just give to Goodwill. Getting rid of anything you haven't worn in six months is a big rule. If you're not sure you can put the hangers back one way and once you've worn something, turn the hanger the other way. Then you'll know what you can get rid of.

    Like Lulu said, you are supposed to get rid of an item every time you buy an item. I certainly do not follow that with purses, but I am trying to be better about my clothes and shoes. I tend to keep shoes around forever, so that's one thing I try to stay up on. In addition to my closet, I went through all my drawers, bathroom cabinets, desk and personal files. Everything is very organized. Once you have it all done, you will feel great! Good luck.
  6. Just be prepared to make a whole day of it, with your bed loaded up with stuff. I find dressing up a bit and actually trying on each bag in front of a full length mirror helps. Also pay attention to if it is in your size range (ie will you actually use it? Too small? too big?) How it wears and feels on your shoulder or in hand. (Is it comfortable?)

    I also make a list of them all and list by color as I go, so in other words if I have 4 dark brown bags...one (at least) has to go.

    I make 3 piles...keepers, good riddance, and maybe's. Keepers go back in the closet to actually USE:lolots: The sell/donate/get rid of pile DOES NOT go back in the closet...and the maybe pile stays out for further consideration.

    Just don't do what I did once which was haul out 80+ bags, try everyone on, then by the end of the day TOTALLY exhausted.....I put them all back away....I know...:nuts:
  7. ^^ That's funny and awful at the same time Ms. Liz!
  8. #9 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    The closet is cleared. This is the only closet in my whole apt. The doors are less than 1" thick, so it's hard to put any substantial hooks on them and they close too tightly for the over the door types. Since this is SoCal, there really isn't much difference between summer/winter wardrobe, but anything for winter will go in a big old Rubbermaid tub. The rest goes back in. Lucky for me I wear scrubs at work, so I don't need a lot of clothes. And there's a whole bunch of shoes & bags on the other side of the bed that you can't see. :shame:
    The closet
    [​IMG]The stuff[​IMG]
  9. OMG!! Yep you're gonna be beat this evening Ohcarn!!

    Brings back nightmares for me *shudders*

    P.S. Don't you think you need another one of those closets? LOL
  10. Wow! that is scary! It is so overwhelming when it looks like that, but just think finished product! You can do it!!
  11. Heck, I'd settle for a coat closet, linen closet or even a broom closet. That's all the storage in the whole apt aside from the kitchen cabinets.

    I already did the LR, Miss Curly. Got rid of bags of papers (lots of shredding), bits and bobs. Now I can find everything and every piece of paper that makes it through the door has a place to go. It's so nice to sit down and watch a movie or read a book and not have a nagging feeling that something should be cleaned up.

    My cat is also cleaning. There's about 2' between the ceiling and the top of the closet. All of a sudden something bounced off my head and then I noticed toys all over the floor. She's been storing things up there and decided to start tossing everything down. Let me tell ya', if that cat had opposable thumbs, she'd be dangerous.

    Okay, break over. Pants & dresses are done. Now onto the tops. :sweatdrop:
  12. good luck OhCARN!
    I am in the same boat as far as small socal closets go. Mine actually... collapsed. LOL
    (as in the hanging stuff was too heavy and the hooks came out of the drywall. whoops)
  14. I ordered my first HH products! I got two clutch wallets and a cuff :biggrin:
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