HH HOTTIES 2011 RAOKin' New Year!

  1. Guidelines:

    1. You must have a minimum 1000 posts.

    2. Must be a regular contributor to the HH forum - i.e., only sign up if you are a regular HH poster, please.

    3. Must know how to post a photo yourself - review Vlad's "How To Post Pics" and make sure your camera works. This is so everyone is familiar with posting pics because we'll be posting pics of our pressies!

    4. Price limit for the gift is $30.00-35.00. $30 is NOT a minimum, but you should use your judgment for what the minimum should be - this does NOT include the shipping cost. Please try to stick to the $30-35 limit.

    5. Gifts MUST be sent out by the pre-set shipping date with international shipping must ship sooner so that way we're sure everybody gets their present for the big unveiling.

    6. Shipping. You must get a delivery confirmation, insurance or other sort of tracking #. Please PM me when you have this number so I can make sure all of us hotties get a gift.

    7. Upon receipt of gift, photos must be posted with in the RAOK reveal weekend date. Please contact me if this doesn't work for you and we can arrange another reveal date. This is so we know everybody is participating. It's not fair to your buddy if you do not post, so please make sure to include pics and a description when your gift comes.

    Sign up by: January 5th
    Drawing of names: January 6th
    International Shipping: Feb 4th
    In country shipping: Feb 16th
    Reveals the Weekend of: Feb 25/26/27th
    Price: $30-35 (firm, stay within budget please!)
    Post Minimum of: 1000 posts

    Please keep in mind that you are shipping these items... large or heavy boxes are expensive to ship. Flat rate boxes are available for free at USPS.com. Medium Flat rate boxes are 10.70ish to ship. ;)

    Sign up:
    Please PM me your full name & email address so I can send you an invite. We use elfster to keep things anonymous.

    Last of all Have fun! :yahoo:
  2. I'm in!!!
  3. I'm in!
  4. Me too!!!
  5. Also - LULU ROCKS for organizing this again. Let's try to make it easy for her.
  6. This sounds like fun. Hmmmm.......
  7. YAY!

    Sally- No problem hun. It's so fun to do these RAOKs. I recently lurked on a beauty raok they had some fun items & they were really from the heart.

    Nikki I do hope you can join, no pressure.. just promise you'll at least lurk or be a cheerleader.

    I sent invites to all that were in previous RAOKs that I had on elfster.
  8. Ok, I think this is just what I need. I am in! Thanks Lu!!
  9. YAY! :happydance:
  10. :happydance:
  11. I am so excited! Lu, my dear.... You are wonderful! I am so pumped for this!
  12. YAY! I'm glad that you are pumped for this. I am too. I can't wait to see the full list of hotties participating.
  13. Me Me Me!!!
  14. woo. i'm in thanks for organizing again, lulu. :urock:
  15. Thank you for taking the reins, LU!!!!

    I'm in for this one!!!!