HH Hottie Hookup NYC Edition Hot Handbags in the City


Harshed Mellow
Aug 14, 2008
So I'm just putting it out there a feeler if you will.

Hottie Hookup NYC Edition

Date: Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Location: Unknown, probably a coffee shop near HH in Brooklyn or where ever gets the most recommendations. I'd love to meet all you HH hotties out in NYC! :nuts:


Jan 23, 2009
It's actually pretty stupid, but the chicken bus is a straight shot bus service that runs you from here (east coast of VA) starting at this Chinese food place to Chinatown for $25 ($40 round trip)...my friends and I call it the chicken bus because 1)sometimes the smell of kung pao chicken is wafting in while you are waiting to leave :P but mainly 2) we fully expect to have to carry a chicken on our laps at some point because it is so low-budget... For meeting up, for me it all depends on the timing because the bus arrives at 7am and then the return bus leaves at 5p so I would probably just do a day trip if the times work out so I don't have to get a hotel for the overnight...
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