HH Havana vs. Hudson...

  1. I had a HH Havana early on (black, newer style) and sold it to fund my Black Chloe Pocket Paddy. Now I kinda want a HH Hobo again. I'm attracted to the Hudson too, but don't know what the shoulder strap is like. Can anyone compare for me? Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. I think the Hudson Hobo is pretty but the leather is really stiff and it's narrow so it doesn't hold a lot. The shoulder strap has like two belt ends and they NEVER stay in the loops. The Havana however, is perfect!
  3. Thanks Toni.
    Alrighty...I will go for another Havana. Thinking about something bright for Spring :yes:
  4. I have a HH Hudson in smoke blue, a very pretty color. I like the bag but I have to agree that it just doesn't hold a lot for the size that it is. It's kind of narrow and doesn't stretch that much. It looks huge and long when you don't have stuff in it, and then you're surprised that it doesn't hold more.

    Also, I second the sentiment about the straps always coming out of the loops. I don't have a Havana, but I think that is a better bag from what I have read.
  5. I really like the Havana - just thought I might switch it up. But, nope, back to the Havana :tup: