HH Havana Hobo - Please help me decide color!!


HH Havana Hobo - Which color do you prefer?

  1. Chalk

  2. Pyrite

  3. Saddle

  4. Blush

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  1. So I bought the HH Havana Hobo in chalk during their big 4th of July deals sale. I got the bag & really love it, but I read (in another thread) that once you recd your bags, you could exchange it for any other color (even if the color wasn't on sale).

    So I started thinking about it. Chalk wouldn't have been my first choice of color for a hobo bag in this style, but at that price ($125) I couldn't pass it up. I already have a Bulga butterfly tote in Oyster, and I think these bags are very similar (same type of leather, large "floppy" shoulder bags w/tassels, similar color) - so I was thinking that maybe I would exchange the chalk for another color.

    I was thinking either pyrite, saddle or blush (if it's more of a coral than pink). I do like the silk lining tho, and it doesn't look like saddle is lined with silk (I don't know about pyrite - they don't show the inside).

    What do you guys think, given the choice of those colors? Should I stick with the chalk, or exchange it for a different color?
  2. I like blush.
  3. I like the pyrite because I think it's a simple bag and the pyrite adds a nice amount of fun. Second choice would be saddle.
  4. I like blush. :biggrin: If not blush then saddle.
  5. I voted for saddle. I have it in the Suki and love it.
  6. Definitely not the blush...
    I have a Woven Havana Hobo in Saddle and I love it! But it does stain easily... so I think if I get to choose again, I would go with the Pyrite - and it also gives the bag a bit more character... just my 2 cents
  7. I say either saddle, because it will match anything, or pyrite, just because it's such a cool color.

    And it's true about exchanges. Salina's sending me a Mercer clutch in pewter in exchange for a grey I bought on sale, even though the pewter was never on sale. Yay!
  8. I was just looking at pics on other sites - is pyrite more black or is it more of a bronze color? I was thinking it was a shinier black - if it's more bronze, I don't think I'd like it.
  9. I like the saddle. The pyrite seems kind of cheap looking, but I've never seen it IRL.
  10. I have a HH Lorca in saddle and I love it, but I think the color IRL (a bit more yellow than I'd expected) looks different from what is on the website. For that reason, I vote for the pyrite (less noticeable if color ends up varying, I think).
  11. Arg, why is everyone else getting to exchange their bags?? :cursing: I bought a Mercer triple-c in luggage, and they will only let me exchange it for another color if I pay the difference between the sale and full price.:crybaby:
  12. Yes, this happened to me too! I got the chalk Havana hobo, but it already had some marks and scratches on it...I was hoping to exchange for a diff't color, but they said they didn't allow exchanges on it. :sad:
  13. It seems like they make up their policies as they go along!

    Oops... I better scoot out of here before I get attacked by all you HH lovers!
  14. Who did you talk to when you called & ask? It seems that Salina is the "go to" person at HH if you need to get something done.

    Since I can't really make up my mind, I guess I'm just going to keep the chalk (esp if they're now giving people a hard time about exchanging for other colors). I'm just really worried that it's going to get dirty and/or marked up fast - but I guess since I only paid $125 for it, I won't be nearly as upset as if I paid $400!!!

    Do you think spraying the bag before I use it will make a big difference?