HH Havana Hobo or Botkier Bryant Hobo???

  1. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. I'm living in HK at the moment and will be home (NY) for a couple of days and while there, will be on a mission to buy as many things on my wish list as I can. Don't have that much time to mull over things while I'm there so I'd like to more or less know what to get. So lets hear your votes.

    HH Havana Hobo

    Botkier Bryant Hobo
  2. I can't help you. I like them both!:yes:

    Do you have any preference at all? I think the Havana would hold a lot more.
  3. Think I like the botkier best but it's a close call.
  4. I like the Botkier...the key ring is very cute.
  5. Did you notice that the Hayden Harnett isn't available until 10/25? That might make your decision for you.
  6. I think that it also depends on what kind of color you are looking for. Hayden Harnett does some really interesting colors.
  7. Botkier!