HH Havana Hobo in Grey - Is it worth it?

  1. In the spirit of starting a new thread to boost the likelihood of an HH sub-forum, I thought I'd reach out for opinions regarding the value of the HH Havana Hobo sale price. I purchased the Havana Hobo in Mulberry during HH's first year and it's still in my Fall/Winter rotation. I'm considering purchasing the Havana in Grey but don't know if the price will go down at all, say in the March timeframe. What do you think? Is $248 worth it? I've read a couple of comments about the leather not being as soft as it used to be. Is that true? If you've purchased an HH Havana Hobo this year, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks.
  2. If you like the color it is. I prefer the older styles.
  3. i also prefer the older styles - recent HH styles haven't really done it for me - and at a price I was not willing to pay either...
  4. Although I don't have the Havana hobo, I did have another HH bag in this color and I have to say it's quite beautiful - a really pretty bluish gray. I think full retail ($400+, right?) is expensive for this bag but I definitely think <$250 is worth it.