HH Havana Hobo in Chalk (White) - Problems w/Color Transfer?

  1. So I am thinking about buying a Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo in the color Chalk (which is their white), and I was just wondering if anyone who has this bag (or any other HH bag in white) has ever had a problem with color transfer or leather rubs while carrying the bag?

    I don't own a white bag & have been wanting to add one to my collection. The closest thing I have to white (or even off-white) is a Bulga Butterfly Tote in Oyster. While color transfer wasn't really an issue with my Bulga bag, it did seem to "smudge" in a few places where the bag rubbed against me as I carried it. Can anyone tell me whether or not this has been an issue with HH white bags?
  2. I have a havana hobo in chalk and I love it. It's a lovely color. It's kind of a grayish white. I have not experienced any color transfer with it.
  3. Me too - no color transfer here.
  4. I have both the Havana Hobo and the Mercer Satchel in chalk and I have never had a problem with stains or color transfer. In fact last summer I travelled with my Mercer Satchel and it held up wonderfully! No dirt or stains.
  5. I have 2 HH bags in Chalk and never had a problem w/ color transfer or it getting dirty. It's hands down the best color!!
  6. did you guys all treat your bags before you carried it? I almost always use my Kiwi Leather Protector spray on my new bags - but I wonder if this leather is a little too delicate for the spray, or is it a necessity?
  7. I've never treated the leather on my HH bags.
  8. Hey :smile: I'm new and haven't gotten around to introducing myself yet, but I have the HH hobo in chalk and like the others, have not had a problem w/color transfer. I also have the mercer wallet in chalk and have noticed that it is *slightly* darker than the bag since it's used all the time and rubs against the lining of my various bags. I think it's dirty, not color transfer though.

    Also, I've never treated the leather.
  9. Hi - I've never treated my Chalk Havana Hobo and it looks great - what's more, I don't worry about it anymore either - I wore it all over Venice for three days with sunblock and crowds - no problem....GREAT BAG, btw - feels like a million silky $$$!
  10. I was eyeing the bag too but unfortunately was on a road trip thus wasn't able to order it..:crybaby:
  11. thanks for all the info - I was able to order it (before they ran out in less than 5 minutes!) and it should be here tomorrow. I think I'll probably spray it just to be on the safe side, but glad to know that no one's had any problems with color transfer. I hardly ever wear jeans, and the clothes I do wear aren't all that dark and/or made from heavy dyes, so I don't think it'll be much of an issue. Guess I was more concerned about leather rubs from it rubbing against me when I carry it (altho I know it's not as large as a Bulga, which does tend to rub against my hip/thigh when I carry it).

    I'll let ya all know what I think when it arrives!
  12. Sadly, I have experienced color transfer with my Chalk Inka. I tried Apple care leather cleaner, Magic Eraser and Art Erasers, to no avail. I’m afraid I have no choice but to have these cleaned by professionals, unfortunately.