HH Gwenievere cape review/pics

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  1. Haha it's a cape, I don't see many people around here wearing them, but I like it!

    Saw it when there was the previous sales on Hayden Harnett, but not in my sizes, so I tracked it down on Blondette (though the price went back up) for a comparable price to Hayden Harnett.

    It is not as heavy as I was expecting, so yay! Nicely lined inside, so none of the wool touches you (unless you put your hands in the pockets). Colour is dark grey, cream, black, and a rusty red/orange, with big burnished gold buttons. I ordered the medium (but I could have likely been fine with a small (but there was no small :P), I don't think it looks shapeless though, since it is a cape.

    It's pretty darn warm just wearing around the house, with a normal amount of clothes underneath.

    I also like that it comes with a chain attached to hang it up, and there is a little HH charm hanging from the chain, cute little touch.



    Close up of the button:
  2. that's really cute. you rock it!
  3. Looks so cute on you, congrats! Love it with the tights and boots!

    Thanks for the review - it's great to know the colors, details, and how warm it is! Wish HH had better descriptions in this regard.
  4. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks AMAZING on you!!! Great find!!

    IKWYM about capes not being all that common - i get some long stares when I wear mine... but I think they are of the admiring sort :smile:
  5. So cute!!! I've been lusting after one, too, but just barely stopped myself from getting it.
  6. It's very nice. I'm glad you took the plunge and bought it. Looks great on you.
  7. FAB girl! You are totally rocking it!
  8. Thanks fifishin, mangowife,jandelvis, mockinglee, h82bl82, cherubicanh! I want to go walk in the woods or something now lol
  9. Gorgeous! You're making me want to add it to my "missed out on" list! lol
    I'll be off hunting for this now...
  10. Unrelated but, who are your boots by? That's exactly the style I've been looking for.
  11. You look fantastic! :woohoo:

    I love capes but have never gotten one b/c I need sleeves to cover my arms (I'm a cold weather wuss).
  12. they are by Steve Madden, style is Riding, I got them off of Amazon last year for about $35, so I would check there. SM also has other similar styles too I think. hth!

    Thanks leothelnss and ami kio! I need some long leather gloves or something perhaps, or just long sleeves :biggrin:
  13. Omg that is super cute! I love the length and the pattern. It would def look great w/ long sleeves. Congrats on your find
  14. That's really cute! :tup: It looks great on you.
    And indeed - thanks SO much for posting :heart: