HH Green Is Good

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  1. Anyone have this tote? If so- how do you like it? I am diggin' it hard core :smile:
  2. pictures please
  3. [​IMG]

    Pictures courtsey HH website
  4. I don't have it, but I like it. A lot!
  5. I love it too...
  6. Do you like it for it's message or the construction of the bag itself. Just curious.
  7. Both, I think. I guess message most of all (and the fact that the proceeds go to a good cause). But it also looks rather cute.
  8. i think theyre cute, but overpriced
  9. Same here. Unless they donated a percentage of profits to environmental causes. I see the earth bags at target, walmart for a lot cheaper.
  10. They do donate all the profits- to Farm Aid (see the HH website). And I wasn't thinking I'd use it for a grocery bag (and a bunch of those $1 Kroger bags for that task). Rather, I wanted to use it just as a new tote (lunch to work, papers, that sort of thing).

    I was really hoping someone would have one so I could see it "IRL"
  11. Sorry, I don't have it but I think it's cute!
  12. Hmm. It's a rather ordinary looking tote with a good message. I notice more and more bag designers are coming up with these pro-environment bags, ever since Anya Hindmarch's I'm Not a Plastic Bag came out.
  13. That's a plus. Hopefully everyone who is making these bags is donating to environmental causes instead of riding the boat and trying to make a quick buck. It seems like it'd be a good bang around tote. Probably not everyday though because I don't see it everything. I can't rock green colors myself though.