HH girls - what do you think of their dresses?

  1. For those of your that have HH dresses, what do you think of them?

    Quality? Fit? Style?

    I'm looking at these two:

  2. I don't have any of their purses but I LOVE their clothing! So cute!
  3. Did you see that in their newsletter? I just got it today and I was admiring that first dress, too. Sorry, I have no info about the dress itself. There's a thread on HH clothing in the wardrobe section; did you check there?

    I personally wouldn't buy it from HH directly, because of the bad experiences I've had, but if I saw that dress somewhere else I would buy it in a heartbeat! If you get it please post pics!!!! :girlsigh:
  4. if Ms. Hitchcock ever goes on sale, I'm pouncing :drool: I love it so much. overall HH has some pretty darn cute dresses, albeit some not so flattering on every shape and size!
  5. I have the second dress you posted (the Fae) in a light minty green. the color is beautiful, but it is so big. I had heard they're clothes ran big, so I checked out the measurements for the dress. The small's measurements seemed like the standard (and i normally wear a small) so I got it. But it's huge. So if you order, be careful with sizing.
  6. i just got the Hitchcock dress from active endeavors at 25% off and i'm returning it :sad:

    the fit just wasn't what i wanted for a dress costing over 200$. the bust was too roomy, and for a wrap dress, it wasn't as figure enhancing as i hoped. i was SO psyched for this dress, and the print is great... it's just not great on me. I ordered an XS just because it's all they had left at AE (no smalls- my normal size). I am really NOT an XS, but this fit fine. would have been a good fit except for the bust and the overall not flattering fit on my body type.
  7. I have the FAE knit ruffled dress in plum.. the same one in the picture. I'm a medium but for some unknown reason I ordered a large. :confused1: It was big on me and not figure flattering at all. Too disappointing! I also ordered another shirt that could pass as a silky sleepshirt (not so very sexy though) because it was huge!

    I couldn't return them because on top of shipping I had to pay for duty as well. I'm not paying for another shipping just so I could get my money back on it. Eh.. it's a lose-lose for me. :shrugs: