HH Gaza Satchel???

  1. I'm on a Hayden Harnett kick lately, I just ordered the Mercer Hobo and should be getting it this coming week. I was on the HH website and came across the gaza satchel. It's twill and leather, I'm afraid it would get dirty really fast, any opinions ladies????? I really like it in the white or the dune (khaki) color. It's a cute satchel w/ tons of pockets ( I love pockets) and it seems very functional. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Shelley, I saw this bag in St. Louis this weekend. I liked it in twill - it was very cute. I understand your point about getting dirty easily. Also, I don't like spending that much on non-leather bags (durability, etc). Hey, did you get the Hobo???? What color?
  3. Kathleen,
    Yes, I did order the hobo in chalk, I should be getting tomorrow :smile:
    I can't wait!!!!! I actually emailed HH about the twill, if it was treated to resist stains, etc, they emailed me back right away. They said it's not treated and if I were to treat it, the color may change. But, it's washed twill and leather, so I can put it in the washing machine, but not the dryer, I didn't know that. So, I might order one, I just love all the cargo pockets!!!
  4. Congratulations on the hobo. I must say, I love mine more and more each day. its a sickness. that's kinda cool that you can put the satchel in the washer. let me know what you decide. it is very cute.
  5. I haven't gotten my new hobo yet!!! I checked the UPS tracker and it's set to be delivered tomorrow. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to order the Gaza satchel, now just to decide what color. Either the white/cloud or dune/luggage combo. http://http://haydenharnett.com/news/gazalaunch.html
    What do you think?? I'm not sure if I posted the link correctly.
  6. I am very afraid of white bags (but I have 3 kids under 4), so I prefer the dune, but the all white is awfully pretty.
  7. Thanks so much for the input Kathleen, I just opened up my new Mercer Hobo in Chalk, I love it!!! It's really hard to describe how wonderful the chalk color is, it's amazing and leather is to die for. I'm so happy that I ordered it. I'll try to post a pic, maybe tomorrow, I've gotten run now, but another great hayden harnett bag.