HH Gaza Luze thoughts....

  1. I've done forum searches but haven't found much on this bag. Have been loving the Prune color ($299) although the sale price of the Fir ($233)is better.
    To anyone thats seen or owns this bag do you still love it? I have a few HH bags and feel the quality is very good overall. I'm just torn deciding between colors. This would obviously be an everyday bag for work - as a nurse I wear scrubs but still love carring a great bag. Do you feels either bag is worth the sale price?
    Any modeling pics would be great! Thanks.
  2. I have the gaza prune hobo which is slightly different. I paid only 150 with shipping for it on eBay. It's a good bag if you're the casual type of person and like a lot of compartments.
  3. I also have the prune hoba and the taupe, I like the prune colour becuase it changes in different lighting and it is actually very versatile for a purple hued bag. I agree that the hobo is casual and holds alot, I think the satchel would probably even hold more, I'm actually considering getting one as well so I'd loved to hear people's opinions as well
  4. I'd go with the Prune! I own it and it is very versatile. The bag itself is very different from the Gaza Hobo and has an incredible amount of pockets, compartments, and slots, and is just amazing!
  5. I have the bittersweet satchel and like it very much. It's a good casual bag with lots of pockets inside and out.
  6. The prune is georgeous! I have both the satchel and hobo in prune.
  7. I'm sure the leather is amazing but all those pockets always bothered me for some reason. I know most people here love theirs though.
  8. I'd shell out the extra bucks for prune- beautiful color in person! It goes with alot too.
  9. Prune is much more unusual and the best choice, IMO.
    PruneFront.jpg PruneBack.jpg PruneSide.jpg PruneInside.jpg
  10. prune, for sure. i think it's worth the extra $. it's a fantastic neutral and will go great with green scrubs :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone for sharing, time to hit the checkout button.....
  12. I agree with everyone above..prune is such a rich color and the gaza satchel is very useful.
  13. Oh gosh that's lovely! What's the leather like? I've no way of checking over here in the UK as I don't think anywhere stocks HH over here.