HH Gaza...how is bittersweet IRL? (Prune is my backup color)

  1. Ive seen pix of the prune but only 1 pic of the bittersweet...I think Id like this bag in brown but wanted to see if anyone didnt like the bittersweet IRL? Dont want the hassle of a return. If the bittersweet is blah, I'll get the prune
  2. I don't have the bittersweet but I do have the prune and it is gorgeous. It is a very unique purple. I say go for the prune. Unique purples are harder to come by than browns. Just my opinion :smile: Prune is a bit lighter irl than in the pics on HH.
  3. I think the prune is sold out now...I ended up with the bittersweet. I'll just keep my eyes on the sale to see if a prune shows up again