HH Fashion Questions

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  1. Which of the new shoes will look ok with my Maggie knit dress?



    I got these: Will they have too much going on?

  2. NO WAY!! I think they are going to be GREAT! You will want to keep the rest of your accessories muted, maybe throw on a cardigan in a neutral/soft color to tone things down, depending on where you are headed... I love orange and turquoise together :yahoo:
  3. ITA with Jan, those will be fabulous with the dress, but go neutral on other accessories. Beautiful!
  4. Totally great! I think I'd keep the rest of the accessories grey, and a cardigan, like jandelvis suggested, would really finish it off.
  5. Oh, I posted this in the Sale section, but it really belongs here:

    How's their shoe sizing run? The Iskias only come in whole sizes, and I'm a 7.5. Would I go up or down?
  6. Thanks you guys! I am usually so thrown together! (but with a nice bag, LOL). I'm soo excited to have such a cute outfit for spring/summer. I'm going to have my dress taken up just a little. I have a platinum lizard Ramone, is that neutral? I'll have to get a little grey cardi.

    Fafnir, I am totally not sure about the shoes. I ordered the size 7 and I'm a 6.5. And I'm nervous that they'll be a little too large! I'll let you know when I get them, but they are not scheduled to ship for a few weeks. I suppose I could have called and asked, but I was too excited!
  7. Drat mishka, I forgot to say how totally great that dress looks on you. You could go barefoot and it would still rock!
  8. Before I even saw the photo of the shoes, I figured with that cute dress, those were *the* shoes to go with it. I love them!
  9. Awww mlinky! You are soo sweet! Thank you so much. I haven't been feeling that great the last few days and I soo appreciate the compliment! I splurged on the shoes (even though I did get half off) but the dress only was $40 when I got it and I really love it. I know I'll wear it out and the shoes too. I'm like that, when I really love something I wear it to death.
  10. Aww thanks h82bl82! Orange and blue are my fave colors. I actually once went into Charlotte Russe during a sale, and purchased 10 orange shirts. I was really embarrassed, but I just love that color! I was afraid I should be getting the grey shoes, but I couldn't not pull the trigger on the blue orange. They are so unique!
  11. I think the shoes will kick the little blue dress up a notch! You are one hotttt hottie Mishka!!
  12. Jandelvis, fafnir, mlinky, h82bl82, asark - Thank you so much for the style tips and compliments! Ya'll are soo nice!
  13. Yes, Hotties have great taste and fashion sense! ITA with PPs. You are going to ROCK in that outfit, mishka! Do you have a grey cuff? I don't remember...
  14. Thanks cciele!

    I don't have a grey cuff! I have Celina in VCP, Black and Ruby and the Ramone in BBWS, Plat Lizard, and Bronze Anaconda!