HH Fans - New Terms and Conditions Listed on their website? PLEEZE Look!

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  1. Okay HH-Ho's......
    I believe these are new/revised Terms and Conditions and think we should all review before making any new purchases. I took a glimpse and think that some procedures are new....maybe IndiaInk can provide more insight. I love HH - and would not want people to be disappointed with their buying experience.
    Best to all....:yes: and if I knew how to paste the link here, I would - sorry for my computer idiocy!

    PS - with the impending Labor Day Sale...we all need to be aware!
  2. 20% restocking fee? Yikes, that can add up to a hefty amount. So you have to pay for shipping both way if you have to return PLUS the restocking fee? yikes.
  3. It looks like the restocking fees only apply to cancelled orders though, not to returns. That is how I read it at least.
  4. I think what they are suggesting is fair - certainly more in line with on-line retailers I have dealt with in the past. And while I am a little sad that the "return whatever you want/absolute satisfaction guarantee/we will replace out-of-stock inventory with regular priced inventory" policy has been modified, as a growing business, I could not have seen them keeping their somewhat lax policies forever.

    Good for them! It means they plan to be here in the long haul - and I will keep on buyin' :p!
  5. Wow, they have certainly tightened up the ship they carry. I imagine they have learned a lot with all their recent computer glitches!

    "We cannot adjust the prices of items due to listing errors, or guarantee the availability of any item prior to sale."
  6. Seems to me that they are saying that sometimes they have glitches - and they cannot be held accountable for them. Also no returns on 75% off items and delivery estimates are only estimates....

    i) Delivery estimates are estimates, and may not be relied on as anything more than estimates.
    ii) Prices may be listed incorrectly due to human or computer error.
    iii) We cannot adjust the prices of items due to listing errors, or guarantee the availability of any item prior to sale.
    iv) Your order represents an offer to us to purchase a product which is accepted by us when we send e-mail confirmation to you that we have shipped that product to you
    v) An order confirmation e-mail is sent as a courtesy to our customers when an order is placed. We do our best to insure that these emails are accurate. From time to time, due to human and computer error, these emails contain incorrect information.
    vi) Items whose description is marked "final sale" and all items discounted 75% or more are considered final sale, and may not be returned for any reason.
    vii) Also, your access to the website may also be occasionally suspended or restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance, or the introduction of new facilities or services.

    Personally - when I am paying rock bottom prices I think that it is fair enough - but I would imagine that HH is going to lose a lot of business for pf members for the labor day sale - since discussion seemed to indicate that a lot of people seemed to find this unacceptable customer service ....

    But at least it will result in a happier buying experience for those who do participate....

    this is just my interpretation - and please refer to the original guidelines
  7. audball67

    Totally agree. My inner hippy loves that 'lets try to see where you are coming from and lets work it out' mentality... I have always worked in companies when the are in the early anarchic 'lets grow this' stage - and get out when it becomes clear that structure and rules are needed to make it work - it doesn't suit my personality...

    So it does make me sad that HH have to 'codify' everything - but I am glad that they are doing it...
  8. At least they're trying to curb "unauthorized reselling." Yay HH!
  9. Yup....
    and happy to see others looking at their new Terms and Conditions. I too will miss their "hippy" attitude about running things and their guarantee to makes things "right" - but I think all of these changes have come about due to sticky situations that have occurred (inaccurate pricing, no/low inventory, website accessibility, etc) and they cannot always rely on the good faith/intentions of all parties to make things "right". These changes are in keeping with a growing business and I wish them all of the best - and I'll continue to be a loyal and enthusiastic customer! :yahoo:
  10. I'm a little troubled by this:

    vi) Items whose description is marked "final sale" and all items discounted 75% or more are considered final sale, and may not be returned for any reason.

    What if the item is defective or damaged? Even if it's 75% off, it could easily be $125.
  11. Whoops mlinky

    Sorry - should have specified... I just produced my version of a summary - THESE are not the full terms and conditions - please refer to the website for them..

    That was a bad mistake on my part. It is too late for me to edit - but I shall ask a mod to add to it...
  12. ^ That is the part that really troubles me. I think it would be better if they said may not be returned for any reason OTHER than error on our part (wrong item, damaged upon receipt, etc.)

    I would hope they'd honor that even if they don't explicitly say so but it would give peace of mind to people (ESPECIALLY in light of some of the mistakes made with shipment during the last huge sale) and prevent some people from holding back in light of this new rule.
  13. I would never buy anything FINAL on a website. That just doesn't make sense at any price. I prefer to see what I get first. Also, buying online is not the same as buying in a store, and I believe different rules apply. The company saves money when they sell via website and can broaden their sales capacity. HH makes money on everything they sell, and that is their concern. The consumer concern should be focused on the consumer I think.
  14. Two things bother me about the terms (and yes, I know that if I dont like them I dont have to order):

    -no returns "for any reason" on items marked final sale or 75% off or more. Does this mean we should assume final sale or 75% off items can or will be damaged? Thinking of their last online sale, some of us got damaged merchandise that was not disclosed. So by placing an order during a 75% of final sale, do we assume the liability for getting a damaged product?

    2) the order cancellation policy does not have an exception for cancellations due to their errors (such as backorders or slow processing). It didn't happen to me, but I know several people posted that it was taking forever for their orders to be processed. Under these new policies, if you cancel due to this, do you still have to pay the restocking fees? Policy does not list any exceptions.

    I think the "offer" language is hilarious. They post it on their web site, but its not an "offer" for sale. Please. This is legalese at its best.

    As I said before, I recognize that if I dont like them I can shop elsewhere (which I probably will do), but think these new terms given the history are troubling.