HH fans...Gaza or Mercer?

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  1. So far I only have an HH wallet but really like it. I like the looks of both the Gaza and the Mercer, maybe liking the Gaza a bit more. I have a couple questions.....do the straps stay on your shoulders? And colors...I like the bittersweet and prune in the Gaza....and in the Mercer I like the elephant grey and maybe the currant.....how do these colors look IRL compared to the HH Pics?

    Im leaning towards the Gaza in Bittersweet or prune but the Mercer is a close runner up
  2. I had a Mercer Triple Compartment Satchel in current and the color is accurate. The bag is deliciously soft but didn't hold my stuff so it had to go. I found the side pockets too shallow and they wouldn't stay closed.
  3. Are you looking at the Gaza Satchel or Hobo?
  4. the gaza satchel
  5. Anyone else own a gaza? Im curious if you are happy with it....thanks!
  6. I think that the Gaza leather is more distressed, and the Mercer is more smooshy, if that makes a difference.
  7. I like the style of the Gaza but the leather of the Mercer...
  8. Love the Gaza satchel. If you do a search you'll find some previous posts about it with pics.