HH discount up to 25% - refer a friend

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  1. Hey

    Does everyone else know about this???? I clicked on the 'tell a friend' thing on the by accident on the HH website - and a screen came up with this discount opportunity..... Has anyone else tried it????


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  2. I wonder if it is good with the sale?
  3. we should pair up and try it out! :smile:
  4. im not sure it works! i sent out the referrals and i got an email with the link to the product, but no discount shows up, and there was no discount code in the email. weird!
  5. Can we all say it together - "GLITCH"!! Lol!
  6. Maybe it's one of those things where they have to actually click the link their sent and sign up for email, or maybe they even have to buy something, before either get any kind of discount.
  7. Yeah, I tried it (sent it to my husband, heh). No discount.
  8. argh! reminds me of their promo when you got a free coin bag for signing up for their mailing list or something...yet when people signed up they told us theyre not doing it anymore!
  9. Hmm...doesn't the text read that "we both (can) save"? So would it imply that you and your friend (and so on...) would both have to purchase to get the discount? Try inputing a different quantity and see if the price changes/discount appears...

    I'm thinking it's like gilt, where your friend has to make a purchase for you to get credit...
  10. I have been thinking about it - and well - does anyone know if ROCK15 was still working before the sale - because it isn't working now.... So I am wondering if they have turned off all promotions during the sale????

    It wouldn't surprise me - because they have been 'burned' before during sales by code abuse - (their naivety /non-technical wizardry - vs. our little devious ways :graucho:...)

    It is sort of like the coin purse fiasco to be fair, Aznanji... I got 2 (even though it was supposed to be one per customer :shame:smile:. But I do remember really cute collections of 4 or 5 of them.. (whoops!). That was from the sale previous to the fiasco one - and I think that they just b*lls up and forgot to remove the link - before they put their foot down. I guess it was people like me who a little bit spoiled for the rest of you. :shame:
  11. IT'S ALL tree's FAULT!!

  12. I think e-mail a friend only works for full-price items, because I sent to a few friends and got 20% off. You can get the discount by clicking through the link to the product. You can see there's a discount code in the URL. But it was for a full price item.