HH closing the Nolita Store

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  1. on FB from Toni:

    hi everyone- some sad news, but we have decided to close our nolita store. last night was our final event. bittersweet, but a lot of fun. we want to focus on the brooklyn store for now and our online sales. we have updated our "contact us" page and store locator today. thanks for a great year in nolita!!! we love the n...eighborhood and our neighbors there. farewell, elizabeth street...you will be missed
  2. B & m stores seem to be closing left and right...
  3. Can't say we didn't see that one coming....
  4. Sounds like they are doing the right thing - weren't we all surprised when they opened this second location????
  5. Hmm...adds a little sentimentality to my short visit. Glad they are making smart cuts to stay in business overall.
  6. I think it's a smart move.
  7. Agreed that it's a smart move. Though I will miss that store. It was very convenient for me to pop in once in awhile.
  8. Good move, and I agree with quiz - I'm glad I got to go there once while I could.
    Personally I think they should buckle down and get their shipping, refunds and customer service in order and then... Open a store in L.A.
  9. I hope this is a good thing for them. Dear god I wouldnt' want to think about them trying to manage being on the west coast too but a trunk show or 2 out west might be nice.
  10. I think it's a smart move.
    My mom grew up on Elizabeth Street back in the 1930's-40's when it was an Italian/Jewish ghetto...back when "ghetto" simply meant an ethnic neighborhood.

    It's certainly changed a lot since my childhood when I used to visit two maiden great aunts in their tenement apartment there.

    Now the Brooklyn store won't be so empty!
  11. How about opening the first Canadian store in Vancouver. There are quiet a few of us hotties here!!!!
  12. Vancouver is a fashion hub...a store would be great there, but for now downsizing and getting a handle on everything is a smart move.
  13. I agree. Downsizing is move #1.
  14. I remember walking by the store when I visited NYC last year. Didn't pop in since it was so empty.