HH Blush Havana Debacle Update

  1. For those of you who were following my damaged blush Havana saga...

    HH finally called today. And they emailed. They're giving me one week to send the bag back to them (I have to pay shipping) and they're going to replace it with the exact same bag (which is funny, because they said they didn't have it).

    But anyway, they I just wanted to let you guys know that they did the right thing, even though the situation wasn't handled well initially. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and kind words! You ladies rock! :yahoo:
  2. Glad to know they're at least attempting to make it right. I'm sorry I missed the earlier posts but what initially happened?
  3. I bought a blush Havana from the sale, had it for a few days and it literally started falling apart. I called HH and they were basically like "Tough sh*t. It was on sale." It took some effort (and *****iness) on my part, but they came around.
  4. I'm happy for you. They really need to learn some lessons on customer service but at least they're going to make it right.
  5. My blush Havana, I noticed after a couple days, started tearing on the strap at the stitches/sutures? Seems like the leather is too delicate for the heavy thread maybe? I noticed that this bag is much lighter than my Havanas in black (Luxe) and Saddle, but that's one of the things I love about it.
  6. Mine was already like that when I took it out of the box. I had that happen to another bag and it was an easy fix, so I didn't worry about it. When the lining tore open after a few days, that's when I called HH.

    I agree that it's a really delicate bag. The leather AND the lining are sooo soft, but apparently a little too soft. I wish they were replacing it with a different color or a different bag altogether, because now I am worried :sad: Oh well...
  7. I am glad to hear they are at least replacing the bag for you...maybe they could have sent a shipping lable :rolleyes: but at least you will have a good bag (Hopefully they will go over the new one with a fine toothed comb so they don't hear back from you again! :smile:
  8. Wow, I'm beginning to wonder after all of the recent posts if they're having quality issues. Just because a bag is on sale doesn't mean you shouldn't get the exact same quality as if it wasn't on sale.
  9. ^ That's how I felt too. I had a bunch of people tell me that there was nothing I could do because it was on sale. But on the site it said the bags were brand new and in their original condition.

    I think the blush leather/lining is just too soft AND my particular bag was a bit of a dud.

    I bought 3 HH bags and an accessory from this sale and I was kind of appalled when this happened. It didn't exactly give me a good first impression of HH. I have Coach bags that are 5+ years old and they're like new.

    HH is still a pretty new company. Hopefully they'll work out some of these kinks...
  10. Delighted they fixed the situation for you. I agree they should have supplied a UPS shipping label for the return costs, but over all it isn''t such a bad deal. Congrats!!