HH ? Bc I'm still kinda new

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  1. So I was just on the HH site and they have alot of new stuff listed that wasnt there last week. But I have heard so many complaints and issues about stocking, backorders and shipping - I dont underrstand how they can sell new stuff when people havent gotten their old stuff yet? Thanks
  2. Yeah,I don't get it either!! No rhyme or reason to anything HH does!
  3. Omg, Ariel, you and me both... (and Heart!)

    It's been a rough Fall season w. HH, most of their fall bags were "pre-orders" that never filled, and are just being filled now. It seems that they used all of the money we spent on these items to only recently produce them, even though they've been telling us for months that the X are coming in next week, month, tomorrow, etc, etc...

    I would advise you to tread carefully w. ordering direct from HH, esp. if you like your items to come to you in a timely manner. Some patient hotties have been waiting SIX+ MONTHS for a single cuff, wo even giving HH the serious thrashing it deserves after such treatment. Many hotties ordered nylon items that were supposed to be coming, yet kept getting pushed back month by month until, low and behold, they were discontinued. They regularly don't give refunds w.o. serious hounding. They have been known to be "short" on the phone and in emails... never ones to apologize...

    Anyways, I can't even finish this in some coherent way right now... Your best bet is to skim ALL of the threads, all of our complaints and decide for yourself whether or not this is a good fit for you. It takes a lot to put up w. HH, but their product is sooooo droolworthy, it's almost criminal...

    Anyways... WELCOME!
  4. blah! Repost!!!!
  5. I would suggest waiting till something is confirmed as in stock before you order. And don't fall for the "coming soon" BS....
  6. Soon is relative.
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    "Coming soon" to HH means they are considering making something! "pre order" means we are broke. Could you all float us a loan? We will play you by telling you every month that your item is on its way,"for real this time!!!" We will also send a couple lame apologies for the delay. Then if we have enough money left over after all our living expenses we just might,if your lucky, produce the bags you paid for!!!! What a deal!!!!
  8. :lol:
  9. Spot on to the ^^^ posts.....

    Unless you want to be strung along, make sure that you order something that is currently in stock......

    And WELCOME to the subforum.....
  10. BUT, the design is so good, we keep on getting HH despite the problems. I think HH is addictive.
  11. :true: to all of the above. They're very addictive, because when they do get it right, they get it so right. That's the only reason I've stuck around through all their crap lately. That, and the lovely ladies on this board. :biggrin: