HH Ana in Plum?

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  1. I've seen girls on here with the Hayden Harnett Ana in Plum and I love it!! I looked on the HH site though and I found the Ana, but not in Plum. Does anyone know if they're still making this bag in that color? I'm dying to get one for myself. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I'm not certain but I don't believe they'll be making the Ana (or other bags) in Plum anymore.
  3. :sad: I'm so sad to hear that! It's such a pretty color.
  4. Have you checked out eBay?
    There are lots of HH listings there.....
    Good luck with your search, I have the bag in chocolate and it's great!
  5. I have it in saddle and chocolate. I love the Ana.
  6. I've checked but I haven't seen any Ana's in Plum :sad: I'll keep looking though!