HH ana frame bag in Plum

  1. What does everyone think of this bag? Does anyone have it? I would appreciate any thoughts. I am so wanting a purple bag and this one caught my eye. Thanks guys!
  2. I don't have it in that color, but did have it in saddle. The plum color is gorgeous if you love purple bags. I loved the unique shape of the bag, but like to be able to carry a bag on my shoulder comfortably. I personally found it hard to do since it sat tight under my armpit. I did find the bag to be secure and easy to access, you do have to use a second hand to bring it down off your shoulder. KWIM? You can't just straighten out your arm and have the bag slide down easily. HTH.
  3. Thanks Twiggles, that helps a lot. I like wearing bags on my shoulders too and was wondering about the strap drop. Anyone have any other purple bag suggestions??
  4. Actually, I have been using the Ana exclusively as my daily bag for the past couple of months now (saddle and chocolate). I find the shoulder drop to be very comfortable (8 1/2") and it slides easily down my arm to carry on my elbow or in hand. I am fairly petite and 5'-1".

    Adding...did I mention that I LOVE THIS BAG and the plum is so awesome, I would get it in a minute?